Learn About Sharks at the National Aquarium

a shark in an aquarium

Are you looking for something different to do?

Then head to the National Aquarium where you can learn about sharks from around the world.

Shark Alley is one of the most popular exhibits, and visitors can get nose to nose with the animals. 

The aquarium is an easy 28-minute drive from our Millersville apartments. Exhibit highlights include:

Sand Tiger Shark

With their large size and protruding spike-like teeth, it’s no wonder that visitors react strongly to the sand tiger sharks. The adult sharks are light brown or gray above and paler underneath. In the wild, they’re found in all warm seas except the eastern Pacific. Sand tigers are often near the surface and can adjust their buoyancy by gulping and burping air.

Nurse Shark

The nurse sharks feature flattened bodies and broad, rounded heads. They have two barbells between their nostrils, while their mouth is filled with small serrated teeth. Females weigh up to 230 pounds and are slightly larger than males. Unlike most sharks, nurse sharks don’t migrate. Instead, they adapt to the cold by being less active. 

Sandbar Shark 

Sandbar sharks are one of the most common shark species in the Chesapeake Bay. They’re known as brown sharks along the U.S. Atlantic coast and are easily recognized by their large first dorsal fins. At birth, sandbars are between 20 and 24 inches and grow up to eight feet. 

Shark Tour

To enhance your experience, enjoy a Shark Tour. You will walk the catwalk that’s just above where the sharks swim. The guide will share stories about these predators as you visit the food prep kitchen and feed the exhibit’s fish. 

The National Aquarium is just one of the premier attractions near our Old Mill apartments. If you are looking for a place to call home, please contact us. We would love for you to see firsthand all we have to offer. 

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