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Known as an Anne Arundel County gem, the Annapolis Maritime Museum “educates visitors about the area’s rich maritime history and the ecology of the Chesapeake Bay.” This museum near Millersville has fascinating virtual exhibits that allow you to explore from home. There’s always something new to discover. Here is some of what you can enjoy from our apartments in Millersville:

Crab Pots, Eel Spears, Fish Nets: Seasonal Changes in Watermen’s Work 

Watermen is a local term that refers to the commercial fisherman who work on the Chesapeake Bay. This exhibit highlights the tools they use and how their work reflects the seasonality of the species native to the bay. One of the artifacts is a 1900s woven eel pot that watermen used to catch American eels. Then, they either salted the eels for use as crab bait or sent them to Asia and Europe for human consumption. 

Arnie Gay: The Father of Annapolis’ Modern Sailing Industry 

Originally from New England, Arnie Gay arrived in Annapolis in 1946 aboard his schooner. Then, he spent the next 46 years working to turn the city into a world-class sailing center. Arnie purchased the boatyard at the end of Shipwright Street. He knew that he would need to offer high-quality services to draw boaters. Today, Arnie’s is recognized as the father of Annapolis’ modern sailing industry. His family still calls the city home. 

Thomas Point Shoal Lighthouse 

Constructed in the 1800s, the Thomas Point Shoal Lighthouse is the only screw-pile lighthouse still in its original location. It is one of Chesapeake’s most iconic structures and was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1999.  

After exploring this museum near Millersville, head outdoors for a run along the WB&A Trail. You’ll enjoy scenic views and meander through a wooded setting for a peaceful adventure. 

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