Independent Bookstores Near Millersville, MD

Even in an age of smartphones and devices, the perennial attraction of old and new books remains strong. Independent bookstores serve as the emporium of old works as well as the new. Unlike chain bookstores, indie bookstores offer the comforts and warmth of a local community. For residents of┬áMillersville, there are three independent bookstores which […]

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Harbor East Features Enticing Restaurants and More

friends having dinner

Where industrial warehouses once stood, you’ll now find locally owned boutiques and enticing restaurants. We’re talking about Harbor East, and as Baltimore’s newest neighborhood, it is a favorite among locals and visitors alike. This vibrant destination is 23 minutes from our Millersville apartments, and highlights include: Bin 604  Bin 604 has been Baltimore’s stop for […]

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Try Some Amazing Barbecue from the Smoking Swine Food Truck

pulled pork sandwich

The Millersville, Maryland area has some amazing food and restaurants. However, nothing compares to the smoke and spice that accompanies American barbecue. Next time you are craving that classic American barbecue flavors, consider trying out The Smoking Swine, a food truck that serves amazing barbecue to Baltimore and the surrounding areas and is sure to […]

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Popular Seafood Restaurants Near Millersville

seafood platter

According to the report released by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, seafood and fish consumption in the U.S. has increased. Americans are enjoying a wide variety of seafood, with tuna, salmon, and shrimp being their favorite fish and shellfish. Seafood lovers who want to enjoy a great meal near our Old Mill apartments have […]

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The Best Diners Around Millersville

eggs and hashbrowns

Diners are an American staple and can be found in nearly every city across the country. They began after a Rhode Island entrepreneur repurposed a horse-pulled wagon into a vehicle that served sandwiches and coffee late into the night. This lead to the invention of lunch cars, and by the 1950s, there were over 6,000 […]

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