Tips for Making Spring Cleaning a Blast

couple singing while cleaning apartment

Having a clean space is comforting. As the sun begins to peep out and warmer days approach during this spring season, spend some time cleaning out your home and arranging your furniture . With these spring cleaning tips, you can make your Elms at Old Mill apartment more comfortable, fresh, and inviting. Rearrange Your Apartment While […]

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Three Fun and Effective Home Workout Videos

woman exercising while looking at tablet

The YouTube platform has kept millions entertained since 2005. YouTube has grown significantly in the last fifteen years and offers a variety of video entertainment. Did you know that YouTube even provides access to countless free at-home workout videos? Through YouTube, you can bring a personal trainer into your very own living room for free! […]

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Best Restaurants for Millersville Residents

friends eating dinner

If you’re moving into one of the Old Mill Apartments, or currently reside there, you’re probably wondering what community members would recommend for dining experiences. This city includes some great home-style and comfort food restaurants that are quite unique. Ellie’s Place Right in Millersville exists this relaxing and homey local restaurant, Ellie’s Place, which includes […]

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