Pick Up the Perfect Succulent from These Plant Shops in Millersville

woman watering plants from plant shop

Spring is here! That means it is the ideal time to add life to your home with fresh blooms and potted plants. Fortunately for residents of our Millersville apartments, Maryland is filled with plant shops and nurseries. Here are some of the best plant shops in Millersville that will help you decorate your apartment at The Elms at Old Mill.

Richardson Nursery

One look at Richardson Nursery and you’ll know you’re in the right hands. Their largely outdoor operation sells beautiful plants, flowers, and produce right in front of their barn-like country store. You’ll love their selection of locally grown plants. They have shrubs that are great for outdoor gardening and small pots, so you can bring your favorites inside. Don’t forget to take a look through the country store while you’re there. They’ve got great farm goods and their specialty Dixie Belle Paint. Shop safely by scheduling an appointment or calling for pickup and delivery options.

Patuxent Nursery

Patuxent Nursery is a sprawling garden center that will fulfill all your indoor and outdoor gardening needs. This impressive nursery will help you spruce up any room in your apartment. Their selection is massive and diverse. In their houseplant section, you’ll find everything from succulents to tropicals. This is the best place to visit if you want to add some exotic flair to your house. Plus, they’ve got clean air plants that will especially purify your home. Their best products are now available for delivery on their online shop with more items coming soon.

Little House of Flowers

Little House of Flowers is great for both your plant and floral desires. The Gambrill florist of course specializes in flowers, which you can get by the bouquet. These are perfect to add color to your home or a special occasion. But if you want to stick to houseplants, they’ve got those too. Their plant section is filled with tiny trees and mini gardens. Whatever you like, you can get it in no time with same-day delivery.

These plant shops in Millersville are also wonderful spots to decorate your home or buy gifts for friends and family. To get even more gift ideas, check out these local gift shops. If you’d like to join our apartment community at The Elms at Old Mill, please contact us.

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