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Whether you enjoy snacking on nuts or use them in your dessert recipes, these snack shops around Millersville offer everything from walnuts to cashews. Best of all, you can shop online for fast delivery. Popular shops for snacks and more near our Millersville apartments include:

Jeppi Nut & Candy Company 

In 1880, three brothers left their Sicilian roots and came to Baltimore. After learning English, they opened John Jeppi & Brothers. They originally sold produce before switching to roasted peanuts. The store sold in 1970 and again four years later when Charlie and Stella Pavlos became the new owners. They changed the name to the Jeppi Nut & Candy Company, and their children have since expanded the business. The selection includes Cajun peanuts, California pistachios, and smokehouse salted almonds. Jeppi offers convenient shipping. 

The Peanut Shoppe 

Nestled in downtown Baltimore since 1933, The Peanut Shoppe has a long history of offering high-quality products. The staff roasts the nuts on-site in small batches. This process ensures you enjoy the freshest products possible. Choices include Brazil nuts, salted pecans, and giant unsalted cashews, and The Peanut Shoppe will ship to your door.

Rheb’s Candies 

To make your nuts a little sweeter, order from Rheb’s Candies. Also a local fixture for generations, the shop opened in 1917. Louis Rheb started making candy as a newlywed. Self-taught, he learned from books and plenty of trial and error. Louis and his wife Esther opened the store in their garage. Today, the Rheb family’s fourth generation carries on their tradition of offering some of the best chocolate in Maryland. Enjoy the assorted nuts. They come covered in dark or creamy milk chocolate, and include English walnuts, peanuts, and cashews. Rheb’s will send your order to your door.

Want to learn more about other shops around Millersville? We’re surrounded by home decor shops and more. If you’re looking to call The Elms at Old Mill home, please contact us. We will gladly show you all that our apartments in Millersville have to offer. 

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