Spend Time Outdoors at These Top Parks Near Millersville, MD

park with bench

Do you love the outdoors, hiking through lush landscapes, biking alongside pristine rivers, hearing the sweet sound of birds chirping through the dense woods, or just need to get out of the house or office? Luckily, Millersville includes many great parks for you to visit and marvel at all the natural beauty. Here are some of the top parks that are just a few minutes away from the Old Mill Apartments:

Lake Waterford Park (15 Minute Drive)

Located five miles away from the Old Mill Apartments, Lake Waterford Park is the perfect destination for fishing enthusiasts, as the park features a 12-acre lake with many fish. Likewise, the lake serves as a basin for many ducks, geese, swans, and others. You can spend the day feeding the many waterfowl that inhabit the lake, or observe them from afar. Either way, Lake Waterford Park is a great place to enjoy a peaceful and relaxing day!

Kinder Farm Park (10 Minute Drive)

At a mighty 288 acres, Kinder Farm Park is perfect for the hiking enthusiasts who enjoy getting “lost” in the woods. The park also features one of the largest playgrounds in Millersville, making it a great destination for families. Not to mention, Kinder Farm Park has livestock where children can learn about all the animals that live on a farm. So if you are looking for a great place to take the kids, Kinder Farm Park is the location!

John Downs Memorial Park (20 Minute Drive)

Although the furthest location listed, John Downs Memorial Park offers a priceless view of the Chesapeake Bay that greatly encapsulates the beauty of Millersville and the surrounding areas. The park also features the only dog beach in the area. So if you are a dog lover, there is no better place to take your playful pup than the Chesapeake Bay Beach!

If you love the outdoors and would like to know more about all the beautiful locations near Millersville, feel free to contact us and we will happily help.

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